I've Moved!

Thursday, March 26, 2009
I've moved!  You probably noticed there has been a lack of posts on Our Old Blog lately--that is because nearly all my time online has been spent researching, planning, and actually moving all the blog posts about Lincoln from there to here.  Now that we are all settled in, I can get back to writing new posts!  I'll be honest--one of the main reasons I moved was so I could name the blog "The Lincoln Log"--too clever, eh?  Apparently not that clever, as I had to hunt for a version that was still available as a blog address (hence the "our" in front of "Lincoln Log").  Our Old Blog is not shutting down, but will be more of Lucas' blog instead of me taking over with all my mama posts...

So, what has happened is that I have moved all of my previous blog posts here, but kept the original date.  You can find them by browsing the archives (on the right sidebar), or by clicking on the keywords (on the left sidebar).  As a disclosure, I have set the blog up to display ads.  Hopefully you won't find that too annoying or be offended by this--I don't have any grand visions of making a huge income of the ads (in fact, I would be surprised to see any income at all...), but since the option was available and I am not currently employed, it seemed like acceptable to me.

I should point out that since staying home with Lincoln, I have become somewhat smitten with entering online blog contests.  Most of those I enter are geared towards moms and kids, but I'm keeping my options open!  I disclose this because you may see posts from time to time linking to a blog givaway, or buttons in the sidebar linking to blogs...the reason?  One--I like these blogs and recommend them, Two--the buttons are colorful and make my blog cuter, Three--you can earn extra entries into blog giveaways if you have their buttons.  

Ok, now that I feel like I have been completely honest with my reasons for my move, I think we can get on with things!  First things first...

Lincoln is 3 months old!!! (well, 3.5 months now since I was late in getting this posted....)
He has made all kinds of crazy milestones this month.
  • He has rolled over twice.
  • He laughs outloud.
  • He discovered his feet and grabs at them.
  • He "talks" to us in the cutest baby babble ever.
  • He has nearly doubled his birth weight.
  • He grabs ahold of things (rattles, burp cloths, mom's hair) with purpose.
  • He will push off thing with his feet.
  • He "scoots."  Reminds me of an inchworm type movement.  He has made it about a foot "scooting" forward so far.
I have actually been recording things in his baby book, which is a huge improvement for me!  Before, I scribbled things down on scraps of paper that got put who knows where...so one day last week I just gathered up all the scraps I could find, grabbed the book, and started entering the milestones.  Luckily I had started keeping track on the blog as well!

I have a few pics to share, from a walk that we took a couple weeks ago.  We discovered this nature trail not too far from our house lined with these spooky, moss covered trees.  It was a good time, although Lincoln did sleep through most of it =]

So, welcome to the new home!  I do also feel obligated to mention that you may encounter varying fonts/text sizes/colors as your peruse old posts--I tried and tried to get them to stay the same, and I don't know if the error is with blogger or with our mac, but when I go back to edit, almost every time(!), the font get HUGE and changes types and sometimes colors and I have to change it all over again.  So, I think I have changed most, and I apologize if I have missed any.

Also!  I am going to try in the near future to copy over any old comments from the old blog.  Hopefully sometime soon!


  1. I love the new blog, the title, the pictures. Of course I might be a little biased but I think Lincoln is just the cutest thing. He is my favorite grandson.

  2. Too cute....in every way. Can I get a copy of that middle picture? As always, you make me smile :]
    Grandma Beck

  3. Aww, cute baby! Your blog looks great! Thanks for visiting mine :)


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