Four Generations

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Family Update

A few weeks ago, we took Lincoln on his first road trip up to visit Lucas' family.  Lincoln did amazingly well in the car, sleeping most of the drive and waking only when hungry.  We only had to make one pit-stop, about halfway there.  I rode in the backseat with Lincoln so I could be ready to calm him down if needed,  but the only cries came within 15 minutes of our destination on each end.  Good job, buddy!  We were so proud of him.

While we were there, Lincoln had the opportunity to meet some family members he had not yet met--Nana and Grandad came in from their cattle farm, Granny, Grandpa, and Lori drove in as well, and Gram rounded out the visitors.  He also got to meet uncle Zac, Aunt Breanne's husband.  Lincoln did great meeting all these new people.  

We got a lot of great pictures, too.  Below are the 4 generations--Lucas' Grandpa (L.D.) is holding Lincoln Danger (L.D.), then Lucas Daniel (L.D.) , and Lucas' dad (Ricky).  Lucas' uncle Larry (not pictured) is the missing generation of L.D.s.  
Great Grandpa and Lincoln:
Back home--an exhausted Lincoln and daddy.


  1. i love the pictures kelly!!! the four wards is adorable!! :] -Annah R.

  2. glad i have another blog to follow :)
    & the four gens is awesome!

  3. Thanks, Annah!

    Erika, I really enjoy your blog, too =]


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